Hey everyone! Tonight is the night we do a Snapshot vote to finalize on the host of Proof of Love! We ran a tight process over the last 2 days, chatting with some of our lovely potential hosts and have pulled together a short list that blew us away in our later rounds of the interview process.

Mad Realities is looking for someone who embodies the brand and spirit of our community — self aware, not afraid to say the unsaid, lighthearted, confident, and kind. We have our own opinions on who would make a great host, but now it is your turn to decide 🤗

Voting opens now and closes at 9 PM ET tomorrow so make sure you cast your vote! Things are about to get weeeeird. Without further ado...here is the shortlist of contendooooors for you to choose from:

Riyanka Ganguly

Mad Realities Revised Audition.mov

If you need me to prove my acting chops, look no further than Durham School of the Arts circa 2017. I was able to get a standing ovation from a bunch of 8th graders after finishing a skit on contraception, which ended with me fitting a condom over my head (no I will never be doing that again unless it gets me this gig in which case......maybe..).e

Emily Herrera

Mad Realities Audition (1).MP4

After interning at several media companies (The Boston Globe, NBC, etc.) and she began her transition into venture at BBG Ventures. She is also a fellow at Dorm Room Fund’s Female Investor Track and Republic’s program where she created her syndicate’s thesis on early FOW (pre-professional/professional transition) and community-based investment as the next hot areas for GenZ women.

Emily is currently on leave at Northeastern University studying Computer Science and Journalism to continue consulting with DAOs and researching where GenZ women are in Web3.

Emily is the “GenZ Women Whisperer.” A born and raised New Yorker, she was brought up through women-run communities like Girls Who Code and Built By Girls, finding comfort in building communities with intention that “stuck” with its members. After joining Contrary, a student-focused fund, she created The Wiress as a way to connect digitally native women (GenZ) as funders (entry-level VCs), founders, and talent. After sourcing and headhunting for top funds trying to better understand the majority of new consumers, she decided to open a syndicate to allow access to individuals curious and fellow members.

Andrei Newman

MR reduced.mp4

I actually was somewhat of a child actor until my parents decided it wasn't a good crowd for me to be raised around (haven't done anything like that since). My friends describe me as weird, witty, authentic, somewhat goofy, and charismatic. Lastly, I consider improvisation to be one of my greatest strengths which is also why the video I am submitting is a one-shot take.

Tanthai Pongstien


My name is Tanthai -- tan like the color, thai like the food. Some people call me T, my mom calls me Tan, but you can call me back once you decide to bring me on the show. I run a crypto product design agency, but I moonlight as a cupid. Devin might remember me from when I shot my shot at Li Jin on Clubhouse last Valentine's Day. I've helped lots of people find love but I've been single myself for far too long.